Work with heart, passion and commitment.

Since its creation in 2002, these are the keywords that have shaped the spirit of Capomondo.

We are driven by a deep desire to develop innovative projects in the demanding and competitive field of restaurant services.

We put all our energy and know-how into serving of our customers with one objective: Their satisfaction!

We have an Italian heart and a Swiss organization. This subtle blend helps us to develop projects inspired by a long culinary tradition and a certain way of life that emphasizes quality products and human relations, while adapting to the frenetic pace of our time.




A gifted visionary with 30 years of experience in the restaurant business industry and many successful brands to his credit.

Luigi Guarnaccia (55yo), a born entreprener, began his business by launching Pizza Express, an innovative pizza delivery service in Milan, in the late 80’s. From that moment on, creating restaurants became his profession.

Throughout Italy and later in the world, many brands have been designed by him to represent the places where conviviality, simplicity and quality are the common denominators.

Since 2001, Luigi has been focusing exclusively on ownership of Italian restaurants.

With 9 restaurants in Switzerland (3 planned openings) and one in Dubai, the Capomondo group proudly conveys the fundamentals of the art of Italian living.

Luigi is passionate about Italy, that is, about beauty and goodness, and it is with the utmost kindness that he shares this passion in extraordinary settings through his restaurants.

Luigi coordinates strategy, development and international partnerships, guiding the growth of the group.



Enrico (40yo), an entrepreneur since the age of 18, is a skilled coordinator and connoisseur of products and cooking techniques.

Always in the forefront, his curiosity led him in 2002 to found together with his father the pizzeria Toto and Macario in Piedmont, immediately recognized as one of the best pizzerias in Italy. In 2008, he opens the second location also in Piedmont.

His reputation among renowned chefs and professionals in the sector led him to meet Luigi, who was always looking for talents to export. 

A first and very successful project in Geneva in 2005, for which he acted as a consultant, launched his international career.

In 2010, Enrico agreed to move to Geneva to coordinate the Luigia project which, in addition to becoming a phenomenon in a very short time, allowed to consolidate a deep friendship, resulting in the partnership with Luigi.

Enrico supervises the activities of all Luigia restaurants, the F&B research, and coordinates the Startup & Operations team.



paolo castiglioni

Paolo (49yo), graduated in law at the University of Geneva, where he began practising as a lawyer. With a solid experience of more than twenty years, specialized in the field of company, contract and employment law, he initially worked with the Capomondo group as an independent lawyer. In February 2017 he has joined the group as CEO and CLO.


Pierre Laperrousaz

Pierre (31yo), is the CFO of the group, responsible for accounting and financial management control. He holds a master's degree from the Kedge Business School in Marseille and has over 8 years of experience in an accounting firm (EY) and other financial institutions.


Christophe amenc

After an executive carrier working for international companies and several

successful entrepreneurial experiences, Christophe (47yo),  join the group in 2019 as CMO. The multitude of projects he managed in more than 40 countries has provided him a profound knowledge of different cultures and a unique expertise in marketing and communications.



Alice Maffezzoli

Assisting the vice-president, Alice (33yo) is responsible for the supervision of the operational team and ongoing projects. Graduated in electrical engineering in Italy and mechanical engineering in Denmark, she completed her education with an MBA at the MIP in Milan. Her activities range are from the management of  special operational projects  to relations with restaurants in Switzerland and abroad. Alice also coordinates the activities of the Startup team participating in the openings as Front Manager.



Andrea is working  in the restaurant business since he was a child. 

He is the Start up manager and is responsible for training and quality of service of all teams for new and existing restaurants. He is the hyphen between restaurants and the administration, as well as act as the point of reference for restaurant managers and partners.


Altug ulkumen

Altug (48yo), as CIO of the group, is responsible for evaluating, implementing and managing Capomondo's IT needs. In the past, Altug has worked as a senior IT consultant, specializing in cloud systems and data privacy. 

With more than 

twenty-year experience in the field of banking, he is the author of various research essays. He graduated from the London School of Economics and is a certified CFA.



Luca (38yo), as Food & Beverage Manager, is responsible for relations and agreements with suppliers, as well as for the resource management for the Luigia group. Graduated from the Hotel Institute of Stresa, he has gained twenty years of experience in renowned kitchens in Italy and abroad. He joined Luigia as Sous Chef, grew up in the Luigia style, until he became Executive Chef of the group and then took over the F&B management in 2018.



Claudiu (44yo) is responsible for the Pizzeria sector and

the quality control of products for the Luigia group. Over the past twenty years Claudiu has been working with Enrico, which brought him a lot of experience. He has therefore become a key person for the development of the group and a real expert in both dough and cooking techniques. Claudiu is part of the Startup & Training team


Gennaro Guadagno

Gennaro (40yo), is the manager of the Kitchen sector. He is in charge of the quality control and contributes to the creation of new recipes and the choice of raw materials. Graduated from the Hotelier Institute of Naples, he has gained twenty years of experience in various kitchens. He joined Luigia as Chef de Partie and has been Chef at the Geneva Rive Gauche Restaurant until 2018. Gennaro is now part of the Startup & Training team.


Dario manghi





Dario (34yo) is responsible for the coordination of ongoing projects for the group and its restaurants. He graduated in International Hospitality Management from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and has been working in the Hotel & Restaurant industry in Southeast Asia and Switzerland for 10 years before joining Capomondo in 2019

Giuseppe (53 yo) is responsible for logistics and manages relations with Italian suppliers for the
quality control and the search for new products. Giuseppe has over 30 years of experience as a manager for logistics and transport companies, collaborating with Capomondo from 2009 and joined the group in 2016.

Glenda (36yo), is assistant for the coordination of events, graphic projects and advertising campaigns. Lawyer from the Ilustre Colegio des Abogados de Madrid,  she has enriched her education with several courses in marketing and social media management. She joined Capomondo in 2018. 



Leonor Garcia

After a commercial professional maturity, and some experience in
administrations, Leonor (27yo) was engaged in a law firm as a legal assistant for two and a half years. She joined Capomondo in early 2017 as an administrative assistant.



Agnese Caria

With 25 years of professional experience acquired in Italy with employment consulting firms, Agnese joined Capomondo in 2010. She is responsible for payroll, administrative coordination of human resources. She also provides accounting support in the management of supplier payments and the management of customer invoices.



SAbrina Formenti

Sabrina (34yo), joined the company in 2018 as an accountant in charge of the group's accounts management. Holder of a degree in accounting and management, she has 6 years of experience in multi-company finance.

After a professional commercial maturity and 2 years of study at HEG, Safia (24yo) has just joined Capomondo since 2019 as an accounting assistant.



Eveline (57yo), is managing the Capomondo branch in Wollerau/SZ. She is the communication link between the German-speaking part and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Besides being the company translator, she is also involved in the project management for Luigia Restaurants in the German-speaking area. After completing her studies as a translator at Dolmetscherschule Zürich, Eveline worked in Australia and India. In 2013 she moved back to Switzerland and joined Capomondo in 2017.

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