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Dernière mise à jour : 17 févr. 2020

LUIGIA is pursuing its dream by laying the foundation stone of its Academy in Meyrin on September 19, which will open in 2020 and will be located in the heart of The Hive campus in Meyrin/Satigny.

After Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne, Fribourg, Sion, Zurich and Dubai, following its philosophy, which has made it successful since 2010, Luigia continues its development by creating a school that will be both a restaurant and a training centre, a place for culinary creation as well as a place for experimentation and environmental study in the field.

This project was born from the meeting between Luigi Guarnaccia, founder of the Luigia restaurants, who has always defended the quality of products, the authenticity of recipes and a philosophy that respects the environment, and Yves Perrin, director of HIAG, contracting authority of The Hive Campus. The latter believed in an innovative restaurant concept, believing that its qualities were essential for the success of this real estate project driven by values that bring together the best talents.

LUIGIA ACADEMY: a restaurant and a training centre with "responsible" flavours

By putting continuous training and product quality at the heart of its concept, Luigia has always wanted over the years to refine the principles related to sustainability that have been present in all restaurants, sometimes as a precursor, with examples:

- Microfiltration of water and the absence of bottled water sales (59 tons of CO2 saved per year);

- The use of highly innovative and less impactful cleaning products;

- The reduction of the use of plastic with the ultimate objective of eliminating it completely;

- Research continues to reduce the environmental impact in its daily actions.

With this new project, Luigia Academy will not only delight customers by offering traditional Italian cuisine, but will also be a true centre for internal training and research that will go even further in the study and implementation of the best techniques for preparing dishes as well as innovative and sustainable solutions that will then be applied to the group's other restaurants.

Luigia surrounds itself with the best specialists in the field of circular economy in order to study, test and implement solutions that will make it possible to limit as much as possible the environmental impact of its restaurant activity, both at the energy level (heat recovery from the pizza oven to provide the majority of the heat needs (heating and hot water), implementation of architectural and constructive passive strategies to ensure good summer comfort without the need for air conditioning, etc.).), as well as in waste management (transformation of waste into fertilizer and compost that will be used for the 300m2 of vegetable garden cultivation that completes the cycle, the basis of the circular economy) and urban planning (choice of materials, fully green landscape roof, etc.).

This is only the beginning of a long road: Luigia Academy wishes not only to become a training centre specific to the know-how of Luigia restaurants, but also a centre for experimentation in catering techniques, open to young entrepreneurs looking for a place to apply, test and validate innovative ideas in the field, without excluding hotel schools and the scientific community which are particularly efficient in Switzerland and its surroundings.

It will therefore be a real laboratory of ideas, a showroom open to the community and a restaurant where you can see, appreciate and become aware of future developments in the field.

Some solutions will be directly applied in the establishment as soon as it opens, others, still at the study stage, will need to be finalised and tested before their implementation. We hope that in the future they can inspire other companies and we will put all our energy into them.

In addition to these technical solutions, Luigia will continue to develop relationships with suppliers who are committed to a natural, responsible and environmentally friendly approach to ensure that Luigia continues to bring the best of Italy while helping to protect the planet that hosts us.

The Hive: A human campus, bringing together talent and giving nature a place of choice

By putting A major real estate project developed by HIAG, near Geneva, The Hive aims to inspire and attract talent from all over the world.

By promoting the comfort of occupants, it puts their well-being at the heart of its concerns. Through its environment and working conditions, The Hive wants to anticipate the needs of tomorrow's companies.

This project was entrusted by HIAG to the architecture firm CCHE. The attention to detail and architectural beauty follow the highest standards of construction.

The Hive was developed with the idea of a human campus and around a vision:


In this context, plants will occupy an important place on the site, making it possible to create a pleasant environment for work and related activities.

It is also an innovative project in the field of energy and soft mobility.

For HIAG, Luigia is the "cherry on the cake" of this project, which many companies are looking for today for their employees, in order to offer them a work environment that is the most pleasant and comfortable.

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