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Luigia is the revolutionary and award-winning pizza restaurant. 

Opened in Geneva in 2010, LUIGIA was expressly created to be the city’s best pizzeria, and, thereafter, to be the best pizzeria in the whole Switzerland. LUIGIA not only achieved these ambitions; in May 2018 it was nominated by Gambero Rosso as one of the top ten pizzerias in the world.

Luigia applies the organisation and resources of haute cuisine to the pizzeria, offering a vast selection of dishes of exceptional quality, fair prices and a warm and welcoming ambiance. 

Since its opening on 1 August 2010 in Geneva, Luigia has been recognised as a phenomenon. In 2012, a second restaurant opened in Geneva, followed by launches in Nyon (2015), Lausanne (2016), Dubai (2017) and Fribourg (2018), with further scheduled openings to include the revolutionary Luigia Academy in Geneva, and restaurants in Sion and Zurich. 


ByLÙ is much more than a restaurant, a bar or a "Gastronomia - Rosticceria"! It is a friendly and welcoming place, where you can meet up with friends and family and enjoy fabulous gourmet meals all day long.

ByLÙ has been created “By Luigia"! We apply the same working methods which have made all the Luigia restaurants in Switzerland and abroad a great success and we promise that you will find the same quality and the same great taste!

ByLÙ is first and foremost an innovative idea, with three clear objectives: 

  • To offer the best of Italy at unbeatable prices, such as a real Italian-style coffee, homemade pastries, antipasti, or a "Live" Aperitivo; and of course, the traditional pizzas and focaccias.

  • To propose, in a "show-room setting", fresh and authentic dishes and recipes from morning to night, following the tradition of the traditional Italian concept of "Gastronomia - Rosticceria".

  • To respond fully and effectively to the increasing demand for "Food Delivery ". The structure and logistics of the restaurant have been carefully planned and implemented in order to optimise this type of service, which is becoming increasingly popular and in demand in Geneva. Of course, the food delivered is of the same impeccable quality for which we stand for.


Luigia is the revolutionary and award-winning pizza restaurant. 

Capocaccia is the reinterpretation of the Italian bar. It is the place where to find all day long light meals and drinks with a particular attention on the convivial moment of the aperitif.

Created in 1994 in Monte Carlo, Capocaccia has expanded to Florence, Geneva and Jakarta. 

Capocaccia has also developed a very distinguished catering activity for private individuals and business organizations.

Over the years, Capocaccia has become a meeting point in every city where an establishment has been opened.

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