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about us

Capomondo is the structure created to provide services to the restaurants Luigia, Bylù and Capocaccia, set to identify and analyse management solutions and create new ones when necessary. 

Our numerous achieved projects all over the world, combined with the use of different commercial techniques (franchising, partnership, licensing), have allowed Capomondo to identify the best strategies for the development and export of its restaurants. 

The international development model provides for a limited number of equity partnerships with regional partners well integrated in local markets, allowing us to remain focused on the operations of our restaurants and logistics. 







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From the imagination of a new idea, to its design and operational implementation, Capomondo and its experienced team have the ability to set up and manage innovative, challenging and often complexe food & beverage projects.

We know that research and training in our work is an ongoing process. We experiment and test new products, recipes, cooking techniques and regularly update our menus.

In order to maintain high standards, we have designed a development system of which we are particularly proud: one restaurant / one person. We believe it is right to share success with those who help create it. 

Products quality, authenticity of the recipes and guests welcoming are at the heart of our establishments' concerns. This requires constant work and it is our passion and commitment.

We have set up our own supply chain to select the best products and ensure compliance with quality procedures. We work closely with our suppliers who are an integral part of our projects. We enable them, through a constant attention to detail, to develop new prime businesses, using our expertise and unique knowledge of markets and customers.




In a complex, constantly changing and increasingly digitalized world, we put innovation at the heart of our business strategy in order to best meet our customers' expectations.

For a long time, we work with data clouding in every area. Our tablets, smartphones and computers are connected to our databases in real time. 

We use video recipes, e-learning and cash registers with integrated accounting and logistics systems. 

Our company's assets are the talented people who are part of it. 

We use technology to improve the experience of our clients and the lives of our employees. 


Capomondo has always wanted over the years to develop and refine innovative principles related to sustainability that have been present in all our restaurants, sometimes as a precursor.

We surround ourselves with the best specialists in the field of circular economy in order to implement effective solutions that limit as much as possible the environmental impact of our restaurant activities, particularly regarding energy, urban planning and waste management.



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